You want to capture Asia

We’ve crafted a tried-and-true methodology to expand into the market effectively.

From incorporation to local marketing to partnerships to blockchain development, we have it covered.

We are your first employees on the ground, helping you set everything up and hitting your strategic objectives for customers and partners – all within a 6-to-12-month horizon. We work across the entire region, including China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries.

At the end of the engagement, you will have a fully-operational Asian business, localized to the needs of your customers in the market, a strong pipeline of new customers, and a robust plan for further regional expansion.


Hit the ground running

CoinUsage proven advisory in Asia with good track record
Proven track record

Some of our team raised 120K ETHs in a token sale. We have grown enterprise revenues from US$0 to US$700K in a year together. We're growth-focused entrepreneurs groomed in the US and Asia.

CoinUsage local influence for east and west
Strong local connections

Across Asia, we are connected with the top crypto, blockchain, AI, enterprise and government leaders. These are people who have collaborated with us, invested in us and grown with us.

CoinUsage trusted crypto and blockchain partner in China Singapore Japan Korea
Robust technical background

As tech company founders, product managers, data scientists and blockchain developers ourselves, we understand the limits and possibilities of your technology and can work with you effectively.


What we can do together

To effectively reach and acquire new customers, here are a few things that will create the most impact when you enter the market.

Localized translations

Translate your current site, documentation, product materials and support into the local language, written by native speakers and writers. We support more than 20 Asian languages and dialects.

Company incorporation

Set up a local entity, acquire licenses and country-specific domains if necessary. We also take care of your accounting, audit and visa applications for the year to grow the team.

Social & community

Set up social channels like WeChat, Weibo, QQ, LINE, Kakao and more. Support your new communities 24/7 with our crypto-fluent team, and harness chatbot technology to instantly respond.

Content & distribution

Invest in well-researched, in-depth native content targeted at the local context. We distribute content to top media and publications, and pitch your stories to the relevant press every month.

On- & off-site SEO

Make sure your customers and users can find you in their country: Baidu SEO, Google SEO and Bing SEO focused on getting you to the front page within 6 months, with on- & off-page optimizations.

Partnerships & events

Identify strategic partners in your industry that will co-market, distribute or develop your offering further. We represent you at meetings, and negotiate deals on your behalf. We run events for you too!

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Typical work phases

Here's what usually happens when we start growing your business in Asia.

Tech development

Localize your product

If you need to tailor your offering to the local context or habits, or set up more developmental resources based in Asia, we can help.

Beyond language localization, sometimes you have to cater to the country-specific needs and habits, such as mobile behaviors or new features. Our development team members come from the US, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia, and can help you to build out these necessary features without you investing too much of your own developers' time.

  • Protocol development and extension
  • Mobile app development
  • Front-end improvements and tweaks
  • Country-specific infrastructure set up
  • Language implementation for sites
  • ... and more, with a technically strong and accountable team who has worked on projects for government and enterprises.
CoinUsage blockchain and crypto dev

Questions you may have

Here are more details about what we do and who we are, that you may find useful. Reach out to us and we can have a conversation!

How do you approach localization?

A few steps: (1) Pick which Asian markets, (2) Set goals for each, (3) Plan for 6 months, (4) Translate content, (5) Create channels, (6) Stakeholder outreach, (7) Expand.

Which countries should I start with?

Strategically for blockchain/crypto companies: China, Japan, Korea, Singapore are the most popular destinations, for reasons such as market size, regulatory favorability, tech talent, and ease of doing business.

What languages do you support?

More than 20 languages and dialects, including: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese (for Hong Kong/Taiwan), Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Tamil, Thai, Melayu, Bahasa, Vietnamese, Burmese, Khmer and Bengali.

How does incorporation work in China?

It is usually a 2-month process to set up a wholly-foreign-owned entity. We will get the paperwork for your original entity in place, and submit all the docs for you – and then apply for licenses and CN domains.

How do you determine what content to write?

Content is based on a few factors: Your industry, your focus topics and competitive differentiation, news and trends, product updates, your competitors' posts, and preferred content in each country.

Where do you distribute your content?

We work with top media within industry, blockchain/crypto and mainstream outlets. We have a mix of publications for each headline or long-tail piece, and also distribute on social to increase following.

How do you use this content?

Content is generally used for lead generation, on-page and off-page SEO, brand-building, and increasing community following – all content are qualified according to local context and preferences.

Can I reuse my old blog posts?

We always recommend starting off with some of your old content by translating it. This gets the content engine up and running quickly, and we can iteratively test which content works best for you in the market.

What are the social channels in Asia?

Top social media channels according to country: WeChat – China; LINE - Japan, Taiwan; Kakao – Korea; WhatsApp – All Southeast Asia; Messenger – Mixed, mostly Southeast Asia; Telegram – Crypto country...

How can I grow my social community?

As with other social media, the best thing is to have a strong content calendar and great community moderators and members. These ensure that your efforts will grow and amplify organically.

What is a reasonable subscriber base?

Reasonably, if you are consumer-facing, about 15-20K fans in 6 months; if you are enterprise-focused, about 5-8K in 6 months. And always, quality > quantity, so conversion rates count for more in engagements.

How should I support my community?

For the first 2 months, we recommend at least 16-hour support to take care of new members and provide resources to volunteers who can help you to answer questions in the long term.

How important is country-specific SEO?

If you need to found on the interwebz, highly important. Most countries in Asia use Google, but don't forget Baidu in China, Naver in Korea, Yahoo in Japan and Bing for some parts of Southeast Asia.

How do I pick keywords for my business?

Specific to country and goals, both competitive and long-tail keywords. For example, a market cap site might choose "crypto rankings" and "ethereum market price today" as keywords.

What kind of KPIs should be set for SEO?

"First page rankings for x keywords in x months" would be the most typical KPI for SEO efforts. Depending on how competitive, generally it goes as "first page rankings for 10 keywords in 6 months".

How quickly can we see results?

Our SEO plan generally goes in monthly phases with on- and off-page efforts, such as backlinks and content: Top 100 by month 3, top 50 by month 4, top 30 by month 5, top 10/first page ranking by month 6.

How can you identify the right partnerships for me?

As entrepreneurs from diverse industries ourselves, including AI, blockchain, esports, consumer electronics, telco, finance, and more, we have a good sense what will move the needle for you.

How do you help me in the process?

Once we know who you are looking for, we will help you identify, prospect, contact and meet your partners on the ground. We will negotiate deals together with you, and help you through the operational details.

What kind of support can you provide for events?

We can arrange for you to speak at high-profile events, organize events specifically for your company, or even attend them for you so as to speak to prospects and do brand-building (and language interpretation.)

Should my company be at events? Which and how often?

Landing and expanding in new countries, definitely; the blockchain and crypto communities appreciate meetups, and they like talking to teams. So, at least once a month at conferences is ideal.

What is CoinUsage's mission?

CoinUsage aims to be the strongest and largest bridge between East and West for blockchain and crypto companies. We help companies enter Asia, and eventually help Asian companies enter the West.

Who are your team members at CoinUsage?

We entrepreneurs with a diverse background in multiple industries like AI, blockchain, ecommerce, etc. For some reasons we can't reveal all our partners, but you can ask our customers for endorsements :)

What makes CoinUsage special?

While many consulting companies give you "advice", we focus on actually doing work *with* you and getting results *with* you. We enjoy the hands-on process, and we enjoy growing your business with you.

What else do you guys do?

To fulfill our mission, we are also working on multiple content translations to give insight to the West about what the Chinese crypto and blockchain zeitgeist looks like. You can find most of it at Carylyne's blog.


Let's talk about your goals

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